Group Jobs

If there is a problem with the station/device, these people should be who you contact first. Group jobs are reassigned at the first group meeting of every new semester.

Waste Disposal:  Follow posted schedule, Nick Wade, Molly Nagle

Balances:  James Paule, Leah Raizen

TLC Station: Cindy Liu, Paul Bizzaro

Rotary Evaporators: James, Austin

Glovebox Maintenance: Yidong, Yue, Philip

HPLC and GC: Jin, Ruihan

Ordering and Consumables: Yue, Ruihan, Shalini

Website Updates: Austin, Philip

COVID-Related Sanitation: James, Sarah

Presentations and Posters: Austin, Undergrads

Safety Contact: Ruihan Wang, Sarah, Yidong