Group Calendar

Group Meetings and Events Schedule

Monday Meetings are at 2:00-3:30 PM in Chevron Science Center 655 and Friday Meetings are at 2:00 PM in announced spaces.  Contact liaison Austin Durham ( for details or to join via Zoom!

September 2021

9/3 (Fri):  Jin Zhu: Practice Comprehensive Exam

9/6 (Mon): Research Progress (Group A)

9/10 (Fri): No Meeting

9/13 (Mon): Research Progress (Group B)

9/17 (Fri):  No Meeting

9/20 (Mon): Research Progress (Group A)

9/24 (Fri): Sarah Scrivener: Practice Comprehensive Exam

9/27 (Mon): No Group Meeting

October 2021

10/1 (Fri): Problem Set with Austin and Cindy

10/4 (Mon): Research Progress (Group B)

10/8 (Fri): TBD

10/11 (Mon): Research Progress (Group A)

10/15 (Fri):  TBD

10/18 (Mon): Research Progress (Group B)

10/22 (Fri): James Corcoran: Topic Seminar

10/25 (Mon): Research Progress (Group A)

10/29 (Fri): TBD

Group A:  Yidong, Jin, Austin,  Sarah, Shalini, (Leah, James P.)

Group B:  Ruihan, Yue, Philip, James C., (Paul B., Parker)